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We're stopping it before it starts

Citrus County Chronicle - 6/27/2018

This is in regards to the writers who are horrified that President Trump's regime is being compared to the perpetrators of the Holocaust. I would like to remind them that the concentration camps were not started until much later after his election, after Hitler first started spreading hate about gypsies, people with disabilities, Jewish people, Kristallnacht, et al, early on in his reign of terror.

Trump has been using this tactic, demonizing Mexicans, blacks, making fun of people with disabilities, women and other candidates during his campaign and his presidency. We have had our share of concentration camps, starting with African slavery, the land grab from Native Americans, forced marches to reservations and the Japanese interment camps; hospitals injecting syphilis into African-Americans, lynching, segregation and denial of voting rights.

What is being established here now is that never again will Americans allow something like the Holocaust on our shores. We do not want to wait until it is too late.

If you truly don't want to be seen as a racist, ask Trump to arrest the farmers and corporations that hire them. This would put a quicker stop to the problem. Don't blame the poor, starving family unit. That is insane.

Don't be one of the cowards at the school playground, standing on the sidelines, laughing and cheering and egging on the bully as he picks on the weakest kid in class. Be a true American hero and defend the poor and defenseless. Remember that the conservatives were very much against fighting in World War II. Lindbergh, Ford, Reverend Charles Coughlin and many other conservatives were backing the fascists. Luckily, the liberals persevered and proudly fought against fascism. Let America make sure that this racism is stopped now, and that America will continue on its path to ever more greatness!

Steven Schuemann



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