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Crew responded “quickly, efficiently” to nursing home crash

The Daily Gazette - 6/28/2018

XENIA — Following the garbage truck crash at Greenewood Manor last week, county commissioners declared a state of emergency June 28 to initiate the nursing home’s repairs and thanked County Services employees who quickly responded to the scene.

The Rumpke truck struck a non-residential area of Greenewood Manor at 711 Dayton-Xenia Road the morning of June 21, leaving a hole in the side of the nursing home.

Reportedly, residents were not inside that area of the building, which houses staff offices. The driver was taken to Greene Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Commissioners voted at their regular meeting to designate the aftermath of the incident as an emergency in order to avoid the competitive bidding process and facilitate repairs more quickly.

The board also recognized County Services crews and Greenewood Manor employees for the way they handled the incident.

“I like to tell my guys — and they’ve probably all heard me say this — one of the interesting parts of your job is you never know what’s going to happen on any given day … Oh boy, we sure had that happen on Thursday,” Carl Geisler, director of County Services, said.

Geisler said County Administrator Brandon Huddleson and Risk Management Director Lisa Hale were on site when he showed up to the scene.

“I immediately called all hands on deck,” he continued.

A structural engineer assessed the damage and drew up a plan to secure the structure of the building.

“Our guys went out, bought the materials and erected it in double-quick time and then stayed with the home basically all day. Once the truck was pulled out, they quickly and efficiently got up on the roof, installed the tarp to protect the structure as much as possible,” he said. “The guys just worked beautifully, worked double-time and did a great job and I think we can all be proud of them.”

Amy Salser, Greenwood Manor administrator, thanked the county employees and her own staff.

“They all stepped up to the plate when this emergency occurred,” she said. “This is the spirit of Greene County … I can not tell you how proud I was to see you back us up in our hours of need. We know we have a two to four month road ahead of us but we’re going to get through this together.”


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