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Home Repairs, Modifications & Accessibility

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  • Home Maintenance and Minor Repair Services (1)

    Home Maintenance and Minor Repair Services


    Programs that provide assistance for people who need to do routine maintenance on their homes or make minor repairs.
  • Home Rehabilitation Services (1)

    Home Rehabilitation Services


    Programs that provide assistance in the form of labor and supplies for people who need to make major repairs to their homes or upgrade/replace entire systems to eliminate health and safety hazards (such as gas leaks, outdated or hazardous electrical wiring and plumbing) or to improve their security e.g., by installing fences or fixing/replacing broken doors or windows. Typical services include major roofing repair and/or replacement; electrical and plumbing upgrades or repairs; septic system improvements; heating and air conditioning system repairs; flooring, tile or wall repairs; and interior and exterior painting that is part of the home rehabilitation process. Most programs do not handle minor repairs. Age, income, disability, need or other eligibility requirements may apply.

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