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Housing & Shelter

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  • Domestic Violence Shelters (3)

    Domestic Violence Shelters


    Programs that provide temporary emergency shelter for women who have experienced domestic violence/abuse, and for their children. Such facilities usually provide in-house individual, group and family counseling and the full range of secondary services related to domestic violence including referral to appropriate resources. Also included are similar facilities for battered men and those that can accommodate both men and women.
  • Senior Housing Information and Referral (1)

    Senior Housing Information and Referral


    Programs that maintain information about retirement residences, residential care facilities and nursing homes, and link older adults who are looking for alternative living options with appropriate independent or supervised living resources.
  • Subsidized Home Acquisition (1)

    Subsidized Home Acquisition


    Programs that make housing more readily available to middle or low-income individuals and families or other identified groups by offering lower priced or cooperative housing and/or affordable payment plans, arranging for interest or mortgage subsidies for people who qualify on the basis of income, or by providing mortgage-free homes, generally for designated populations.

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