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Vision & Hearing

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  • Assistive Technology Product Complaints (1)

    Assistive Technology Product Complaints


    Programs that accept and, where possible, attempt to resolve complaints regarding the effectiveness, pricing, lease and rental agreements, guarantees, warranties, maintenance or other problems with cognitive/learning aids, control and signaling aids, daily living aids, hearing augmentation aids, mobility aids, prosthetic/orthotic/seating devices, recreational aids, speech aids or visual/reading aids.
  • Hearing Augmentation Aids (2)

    Hearing Augmentation Aids


    Programs that pay for or provide equipment or other products which enhance the residual hearing of people who have hearing impairments or which provide alternative methods of communication for people who have no residual hearing.
  • Service Animals (1)

    Service Animals


    Programs that provide and train recipients in the use of animals who have been taught to help individuals who have disabilities increase their mobility and independence and/or maximize their ability to communicate effectively.

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