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    Senior Move Managers


    Programs that help older adults (and others) who are faced with the prospect of moving from one environment to another (particularly those who are downsizing from a family home and moving to a retirement community or smaller residence) cope with the physical and emotional aspects of making the transition. Move managers plan, coordinate and supervise all aspects of a move. They may help people sort through and organize their belongings and decide what to take; determine and coordinate the disposition of articles that will be left behind; develop a timetable for the move; plan for the placement of furnishings and other items in the new space; identify and contact professionals such as moving companies, estate sales companies, storage facilities and realtors who may be required during the relocation process; provide packing materials; pack the individuals belongings; supervise the activities on moving day; and unpack and set up the new home according to the person's wishes, hanging pictures, making beds, connecting electrical appliances and, overall, making the new environment immediately livable.