Behavioral Health Collaborative State Agencies

Bryce Pittenger, Interim CEO
Neal Bowen, BHSD Director


Human Services Department (Chair)
Secretary Designate, David R. Scrase
Phone: (505) 827-7750
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Department of Health (Co-Chair, alternates annually)
Secretary, Kathyleen Kunkel
Phone: (505) 827-2613
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Children, Youth and Families (Co-Chair,alternates annually)
Secretary, Brian Blalock
Phone:(505) 827-7602
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Administrative Office of the Courts
Director, Arthur W. Pepin
Phone: (505) 827-4800
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Aging and Long Term Services
Katrina Hotrum-Lopez
Phone: (505) 476-4799
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Department of Finance and Administration
Secretary, Olivia Padilla-Jackson
Phone: (505) 827-3638
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Department of Transportation
Secretary, Michael Sandoval
Phone: (505) 827-5100
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Governor’s Health Policy Advisor (GHPC)
Jane Wishner

Department of Workforce Solutions
Secretary, Bill McCamley
Phone: (505) 841-8405
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Developmental Disabilities Planning Council
Secretary, Alice Lui McCoy
Phone: (505) 841-4575
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Division on Instructional Support and Vocational Rehabilitation
Diane Mourning Brown, Secretary
Phone: (505) 841-5600
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Governor’s Commission on Disabilities
Director, Anthony Alarid
Phone: (505) 476-0412
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Indian Affairs Department
Secretary, Lynn A. Trujillo
Phone: (505) 476-1600
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Mortgage Finance Authority
Executive Director, Jay Czar
Phone: (505) 843-6880
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New Mexico Corrections Department
Interim Secretary, Alisha Tafoya-Lucero
Phone: (505) 827-8884
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Public Education Department
Ryan Stewart, Secretary
Phone: (505) 827-5800
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Health and Policy Commission (not active)


PDO-Public Defender Office (non-voting)
Bennett J. Baur, Chief PD
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Department of Veterans Affairs (non-voting)
Secretary, Judy Griego
Phone: (505) 827-6315
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NMHED-Higher Education (non-voting)
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Children's Cabinet (non-voting)
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ECECD-Early Childhood Education Department (non voting)
Elizabeth Groginsky
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